Muslim Nation Builders



KNOW approached us at Salam Media for a complete design of their website, clarity on their brand vision, and a sales page to go with it.

I did UX design for the 4 page website.


We provided comprehensive support for graphic design, including design of an eBook

Design elements


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Edinburgh Arab Festival

In 2015 we were involved in the branding and marketing for the very first Edinburgh Arab Festival.
Due to the nature of the festival, being the first of its kind in Edinburgh, the festival required a fresh approach to the branding.
In collaboration with a small think tank the main branding colour was a choice between rich red and sky blue. The blue colour which was selected and which is used throughout the branding was reflective of the painted streets of Morocco.

This was a very big project, but we managed to produce a consistent series of assets which could be further used and utilised in future.
Such assets included, banners, posters, booklets, business cards, and of course the logo.

Network Rail

Network Rail were marketing a unit within Glasgow Central Station. The project required a 5 page brochure which could be previewed on display as well as printed in A4.
The task was to create a visually compelling brochure that would communicate the information clearly and effectively.

Our job was simple:- to compile the information, which was all supplied to us by the supplier. Pick the right images, add a few custom graphics that reflect the theme of the unit, and the result is a strongly branded brochure that works for the client.