Family Retreat International

Woodlands Dental



Attention to Detail

The logo went through a lot of fine tuning to make sure it was geometrical.

By limiting the spacings and aligning things equally, it creates harmony between all the elements of the logo.
This is a process I go through for most of my logos, but especially for ALIXE, it was important to have great attention to detail.

A timeless pattern

The pattern is a simple design consisting of 2 shapes, repeating all the way round in a circle. It is inspired by shapes found in old French architecture. The logo is therefore subtle but still linked to French heritage.

Simple elements that add a bit of character

The final logo is colourless.

The logo will change colour and appearance based on the items and materials it's printed on.

Colourless logos are ideal for brands who's intent is to blend in with their products and not overpower/limit the products.

Colours create limitations in brands and so using a black/white logo makes it versatile.

Leather print mockup

Sorriso Cafe

Allegria Italian Eatery

Allegria is an Italian restaurant in Largs, UK.

They required full branding, web design, and social media marketing.

We provided these services and helped get the restaurant up and running but a brand image that the client loved.

Park Villa


Shahbaz Mirza

Shahbaz Mirza

The client requested a logo which would incorporate an hour-glass emblem, made from both his initials. The S and M for Shahbaz Mirza were put together to make an hour glass. This would reflect my clients fascination with time, as he puts it.

The logo itself uses the Avenir font, which was at the request of the client. I made it unique but adding some letter cuts and editing the tracking between the letters.
The final logo comes in 2 colour variations, teal, and mustard.

Clever Cookies

Clever Cookies

This logo was designed for a childrens extra cirricular school.

I incorporated the cookie without considering that there was no food involved. So I dilluted the idea to leave cookie crumbs. However, as the logo was aimed towards the younger generation, I think it was effective enough.

My client selected the logo with the orange cookie as the main logo as he liked it so much, but I also created variations below which are effective on a coloured background.

It was a fun project and I liked working on a logo aimed at youngsters.