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Sapience Institute


Attention to Detail

The logo went through a lot of fine tuning to make sure it was geometrical.

By limiting the spacings and aligning things equally, it creates harmony between all the elements of the logo.
This is a process I go through for most of my logos, but especially for ALIXE, it was important to have great attention to detail.

A timeless pattern

The pattern is a simple design consisting of 2 shapes, repeating all the way round in a circle. It is inspired by shapes found in old French architecture. The logo is therefore subtle but still linked to French heritage.

Simple elements that add a bit of character

The final logo is colourless.

The logo will change colour and appearance based on the items and materials it's printed on.

Colourless logos are ideal for brands who's intent is to blend in with their products and not overpower/limit the products.

Colours create limitations in brands and so using a black/white logo makes it versatile.

Leather print mockup


Logo Design

Big & bold, clear typography

Rubab opened in 2021 near Edinburgh city centre, along the tramline which leads into town.

The idea behind Rubab is a

Diamond Events


Diamond Events approached me for a complete rebrand of their business complete with a new website and supporting elements to go with it.


Menu design which incorporates the new brand, using the colour themes, imagery, typography and icon design


We used a lot of gradient colour backgrounds for Diamond and encorporated it into their branding. The idea was to be luxury, but also distinctive, so we avoided using cliche colour schemes.

Diamond were already established and well known around Scotland, particularly Glasgow and Edinburgh. They approached me to redo their entire branding and also create a website for them.

The Website

Mobile Optimised